Hello, it’s me again. My real name is Teddy Siswanto but I have a nick name, Ted Tetsuo. I got this nickname from Japanese manga and anime, Katsuhiro Otomo’s AKIRA. I think it is a cool manga. Unfortunately the Indonesian version was not finished. It is stop coming out after book 7 ?. I watched the movie version, and I think this Tetsuo character is cool.

I am an Indonesian. I was born here and live here. I don’t have plan to move out from Indonesia because here in Indonesia especially Surabaya (the city where I live now), I found a nice place to live.

I like to eat. I like to try new foods. It doesn’t have to be expensive. I have found a lot of good quality food which are cheap. I also enjoy someone’s cooking, so if you think you are good at cooking, you can consider inviting me to have dinner at your place. LOL.

I am a graphic designer. I graduated from my university with architecture as my major. Basically I am an architect who does graphic designs.

I enjoy drawing and coloring. It was like a disease since when I was small. I drew anything and everywhere, and I remember it always made my parents gone crazy. Hahaha!

I like art and craft, and everything that has a designer’s touch. Like I believe that God is the great designer, I like things which are well-designed.

I like to meet people and join in the community. I have a lot of communities, both online and offline.

I am a Christian and I belong to a church community. I believe in God and I think He is cool. I enjoy His love and think He’s got a good sense of humor. The way He guide and interfere with my life is so awesome.

I like to watch movie. It brings ideas and very relaxing especially after having a hard-work time. I like movies with good special effects, good storyline, good imagination an I also like animations. My favorite directors are Tim Burton, Steven Spielberg, and Night Shyamalan.

Basically I like sports and all physical activities, but my favorite sports are badminton and swimming.


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  2. oh ini toh tukang juru poto AdSense-SBY.com tak kirain sapa tadi, hehe…

    baru yah mas blog nya, hehe, sama nih… baru blajar juga, hehe…

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    ntar klo ada waktu main2 yah mas…

  3. Hi Teddy,

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