How This Website Born

baby blogIt has been quite a while since I know internet and began to enjoy it. Although I was graduate from architecture department, I don’t work as an architect. I design and print graphical things like brochure, calendar, name card, poster, newsletter and sometime also magazine. And.. oh yea, I also teach. Yes, I am a teacher, and I am teaching art and drawing.

As time goes by I began to know more about internet and web design. I learned more about blogging and I even got some web design jobs. Doing internet works for quite sometime, makes me think about making a personal website or blog. It is really nice to have a personal website that talks about topics that I like. I always look at famous people I admire, which inspire me with their thoughts, ideas and encouragement sometime, through their websites. It is really nice to share experience and help someone else.

Some of my friend tells me that as a designer it will be a very hard job to have a personal website. It is the biggest problem for a designer. They design everything for other people, and finish them due to the time limit, but for their personal project like own blog or website they will never finish it. It is nearly an impossible thing to finish our own website, my friend said. It is true that it will be a hard job to finish. New ideas keep on coming and the perfectionist character of designer, never satisfied feeling about the design makes it even harder. It is a big challenge for me to finish this personal website. But, by the time you reading this, as you can see, now I can say to you: “Here! I proudly present my personal blog, Relentless Inspiration.”

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