Designed by Teddy Siswanto

icon meshindo website designed by Teddy SiswantoThis Meshindo website was originally designed by me, but if you see on it’s front page there is someone else’s name credited for the design.

I have been a web designer for a long time, since there was no blog or CMS. I started to design a web using Microsoft FrontPage for HTML editor and Adobe Photoshop for imaging. This is my first ‘masterpiece’ if I can say. I designed this website in 1997 when I still worked for an Internet Service Provider (ISP) company, MitraNet. original website

Believe or not, this website is still alive until now. But what makes me sad is, someone edited the front page and put the name there. Fortunately as a designer, I left a hidden signature on every page of this Meshindo website : – ).

Go to the pages of this website, then press ‘Ctrl-A’ (select all). You can see the text ‘designer: Teddy Siswanto’ on the left of the page. originally designed by Teddy Siswanto

I wish the people from Meshindo or digConcept read this article. Hopefully after I told you this, it will not be removed. Please leave it there because for a designer, being credited for an art work (graphic design) is very important. Give the appreciation for the original designer.


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