My New Year Resolution in 2010

Teddy Effi and Kenzo at Gelato Ice Cream Klub Bunga

Surprisingly, we are already in the tenth day of the year 2010. I know, New Year resolution should be made before or at least at the beginning of the year. Maybe it’s because right now I’m still in a ’sleep mode’ and not ready to go back to work yet. 🙂

Today is my last day in Semarang and Kudus. Tomorrow I will be headed east, back to Surabaya (yay!), and I will be switch back to my ‘normal mode’. It’s not that I don’t like my holiday, it was great, but because I have many things in my mind, a lot of plans for 2010, I am enthusiastic to start them soon.

Survey says the success rate is higher when you made your goals public, and got support from others. So, here are my commitments in 2010:

  • Spending more time in learning CSS because I want to learn to make a good quality WordPress themes.
  • Focusing on adsense blogs. I’ve learned a lot from many resources; my school, my communities and famous bloggers. This is the time to do some earning improvement. NALO is as worse as NATO, so I want 2010 to be the real time to take ACTION!

(Bagi yang nggak ngerti : Kalo NATO itu No Action Talk Only, NALO tuh artinya No Action Learn Only. Hehehe…)

  • I want to improve my health by living a healthy life. Eat better, having enough rest, having more exercise, and of course have more sex. Woohooo! Why not!? sex is a good exercise. Sexual activity is a very important thing to do. Human beings were really meant to do this. (Udah ah, jangan diterusin. Banyak yang belum menikah disini. Hehehe.)

My goal in 2010

  • Submit a WordPress theme and got accepted by
  • Increase my online earning to STRONG FOUR FIGURES NUMBER from Google Adsense only.
  • Be healthier and happier.

Cukup sudah. Semoga yang saya bagikan ini bisa juga memberi semangat bagi teman-teman sekalian. Support saya ya! Oh ya, satu lagi target saya di tahun 2010, saya ingin lebih ‘mengurus’ blog saya ini. Malu ah, kalau mengaku blogger tapi blog pribadi nggak pernah diurus. Ya khan?

Me and my high school friends, meeting at Blue Lotus Semarang

Salam sukses,

Teddy Siswanto.

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