Pizza Hut Dinner with My Lovely Wife

Pizza hut dinner with my lovely pregnant wife.
Hello guys, long time no see 🙂 Yes, I have been absence for a long time I guess. I have to admit that it is hard to be consistent writing and keeping this blog updated. My apology to all my fans. 🙂

Me and my wife Effi, we both like Pizza so much. We often celebrate our moments together at Pizza Hut. Like what we did on my birthday, we had a good time together there. As you see in this picture, my wife Effi is pregnant, and the delivery is gonna be soon! It has been 9 months.

I have been here for many times and mostly in a crowd with friends. There is something different between going with friends and going with my wife. It’s the menu that we have. Instead of ordering typical menu like Super Supreme or American Lover like we usually had when we were with friends, Effi and me like to try something new. Believe it? Look at what we had at photos below. Makan yuuk…

bread and shrimp with mayo
Ini garlic bread dengan udang dan mayo.

baked italian sausages fusilli
Yang ini namanya baked italian sausages fusilli. Gurih nikmat saus carbonara meleleh pada lembutnya sosis sapi Italia. Hm.. looks good.

pizza fishchips with cheesy bites
Karena kita di restoran Pizza, ya pesan pizza juga lah. Akhirnya kami memutuskan pesan pizza jenis baru, namanya fishchips dengan memilih pinggirannya cheesy bites. Terus terang ini pertama kali saya pesan yang seperti ini.

If you see all the pictures above, you might agree with me that all that foods are delicious, but for me the important thing is not the food or the restaurant. It’s being with you, Effi.


  1. Hi hi, my birthday nyo2…
    Aku sampai nangis terharu nih baca postingan ini. Thanks ya supportnya selama ini. You are the best hubby in the world!

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