Relentless Relationship with You, Teachers

Hello, my name is Teddy Siswanto. I am a webdesigner, blogger, internet marketer, architect, interior designer and teacher.

Oops..! Did I say teacher?

This morning I was called by the principal of the school where I work as a part time art & craft / drawing teacher. Here is what she said to me:

mama hao the principal of my school“I am very grateful to you for your willingness to take your time to help this school, being an art teacher. I hope you will help this school again whenever needed in the future.”

Ooh yea! I forgot something about the principal. Even though this school uses English as the primary language, she doesn’t speak English, so may be this is more accurate:

“Terima kasih telah membantu kami selama ini, semoga anda mau membantu kami lagi bila nanti suatu saat dibutuhkan. Hehehe….”

I couldn’t believe finally my time has come. The school gave me permission to go back to my real job, full-time! Yes, it is nice to have my “job” back, but one thing I regret. I will be missing all the happy, fun, stressful sometime, crazy and wonderful times with all my friends and kids there.

Really, in term of income it doesn’t affect me so much, but I really-really miss the relationships. Back to my real job full time, getting the opportunity to be more focus should make me happy, happier and happier, but I couldn’t understand, the voices within me keep saying otherwise.

Here is Why

four graders with mr Teddy

It is unnoticed when I was still with you, but when I left, I felt something missing. Slowly I realize that part of my heart was still there. I already fell in love with you all.

Kids, I miss you all. I miss the time when you came to me and told me that you just hurt by a friend. I miss asking you sharing about your favorite dinosaur, or asking about the princess in your drawing. I miss doing silly magic tricks and get caught. I miss the game we are playing in class. I miss yelling at you and making you scared.

the girls and mr Teddy

Teachers, I miss you too. I miss our coffee and lunch time together. I miss the tough-stressful time when we worked on the scores and comments. I miss the food we ordered from depot Mimi. I miss all the ‘jayus and katrok’ things we did together. I miss selling Oriflame to you guys! It’s fun!!! I miss all, baik miss maupun mas semuanya.

Para Mis dan Mas

Ms Martha, thanks for crying for me. You know, your tears really means something to me.
Miss Chika, you know I like to see you smiling (which is very rare). Miss Dessy who always nice and funny. Ms Dewi, who is also a friend of my sister. Miss Vero, my best friend. Mas Daniel, tolong dididik anakmu Ngatini & Paimo. Hehehe.. Mas Danang, semoga betah di Rungkut. Miss Yani, thanks & lain kali pesan yang banyak ya. Miss Kathryn, please forgive me if there are lots of grammatical mistakes in this writing. Mas Jossapat & Miss Margie, I wish you luck. Miss Naomi, I like your spirit. For the new teachers Miss Karina, Ms. Vebe, & Ms Yenny, I wish we had more time together. We’re going to hang out sometime. And Miss Debby, my coffee mate… I leave the chocolate and the gula batu, please keep it with you just in case… I’m back.

1st graders in action

Fun Time in Class

with my boys at Kartini day

2nd graders in class

3rd graders in action

This post is dedicated to the teachers of ECS. All the primary teachers with whom I built relationship with, vice principal Bu Ratna, the hard-working woman who actually runs the school, all the admin and staffs, also the kitchen crews, cleaning services and securities, I really miss you guys and I wish I could have our happy time back like we used to be.

Your friend,


  1. Mr. Teddy…
    I’ll be leaving on July 12th.
    Wish to see you all once again… 🙂

    Anyway, keep in touch.
    I’ll wait for the update from you…

    Send my warm regards to your wife.

    God bless.

  2. wow!
    gw liat2 web-mu sama Jos dan gw salut deh…
    benere gw butuh berguru sama sensei Tetsuo.
    waduuh, my knowledge masih tipis bgt….kemaren aja habis
    gw diajari sedikit soal trus coba praktek ndiri…hiks 3x
    susaaaah eeeuuuuyyy 🙁 help sensei heeeeeeelp LoL !!!!

    eh kenal ma ci Lusy juga ya ^o^ (what a small world!)
    btw, your pupils look cute here…..

  3. aaaaaaaaw.. so cute.. so proud of u Ted..u still the same ted i knew back then.. fun loving person.. n ur charm must work like magic to those kids.. hope u will enjoy fatherhood soon..n i believe u will make the greatest teacher to ur son..

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